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About Reliable Castings

Reliable Castings has been a supplier of quality aluminum and other non-ferrous castings since 1922. By combining traditional foundry methods with advanced manufacturing technology, we are able to produce consistently high-quality castings at a competitive price. At Reliable, craftsmanship and attention to detail are just a normal part of the way that we do business. Although we are large enough to service high-volume orders for the automotive industry, we are also responsive enough to provide personalized support to our smaller customers.
Reliable is a unique total-solution provider, offering value added services that compliment our foundry operations. Our Tooling Division can produce patterns and molds to customer specifications, as well as custom aluminum tooling for the plastics industry. Our engineers can directly translate a customer’s CAD drawings into a series of instructions that can be used to guide the motion of specialized machine tools, which are used to produce a pattern for the casting. Reliable’s machining and pre-assembly operations are rapidly evolving with the increasing demand for additional finished product assemblies.
Reliable’s organization continues to evolve and grow to better facilitate development of new casting technology and process.  To enlist the total commitment of our workforce, we instituted an Employee Stock Ownership Program in 1994.  Reliable is now 100% employee owned.
The entire organization here at Reliable is dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement in casting technology with the goal of exceeding customer expectations ona daily basis.





Reliable Castings maintains strategically located manufacturing facilities.

map of reliable facilities in Cincinnati and Sidney