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Safety Critical Automotive

High Volume Automated Casting

  • Airset & Green Sand
  • Suitable For Larger Castings
  • Low to Mid Volumes

Turntable and robotic systems at Sidney plant allow our high volume capacity to separate products coming from three separate automated pouring operations.

ACO for high volume Safety Critical Automotive part making

Reliable's Automated Casting Operations (ACO) was designed specifically to produce niche market anti-lock brake components for the passenger car automotive sector. Highly technical work teams manage this three shift, automated permanent mold operation. 

Engineered to melt and process particularly pure alloys, this foundry is producing high integrity castings with superior mechanical properties.

ACO automated pouring at Sidney

                              (automated pouring station)       

To increase production efficiency, Reliable utilizes tilt pour work cells, automated rotary tables, automatic ladlers, saws, robots, special material handling equipment, and custom designed automatic mold for high volume applications.

Robotic seperation in Sidney

                           (robotically equipped work cells)


ACO Turntable

One of the turntable operations in Sidney


1 of 3 ACO Turntables at Sidney


ACO for Brake Calipers

Toyota Camry

Auto Brake Calipers and ABS