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Sand Casting Operations

Sand, Green Sand, and Airset Casting

  • Airset & Green Sand
  • Suitable For Larger Castings
  • Low to Mid Volumes


Green Sand Molding

Sand casting often offers the best combination of design flexibility and economy.

Quantity – From a few pieces to several hundred thousand, we have the equipment necessary to support your requirements.

Size range – We can produce castings weighing from a few ounces up to 300 pounds in sizes up to approximately 52” wide by 78” long depending on specific geometry.

Bull ladle pouring

          (one of the multiple cope and drag lines - Cincinnati)

Chemically Bonded Molding Systems

For prototypes and short production runs, this process allows for more intricate castings as well as castings too large to be produced on one of our green sand molding lines.  Rather than using clay and water as binders, this process uses a 2- or 3-part resin binder system to bond the sand grains together.

           (ideal for short run productions 2-3 part resin binder)


With our own full-service Pattern Shop, we can supply foundry tooling at a cost and quality level to match your requirements.  From loose wood patterns to aluminum plates and iron shell core boxes, we work with our customers to provide the best value for the annual requirements and life of the project.  We can also build low-cost tooling for the prototype stage, and then the higher volume tooling after the design has been finalized.

Ladle Mold Pouring at the Cincinnati Plant

Reliable Casting can perform a range of Green Sand Cast and Airset molding operations either from the Cincinnati facilities or our higher volume plants in Sidney.  We also have internal capabilities to perform:
  • Impregnation in house
  • In-house machining
  • In-house pattern and tool shop
  • Heat treating capability at all facilities
Reliable provides service with low- and high-volume sand cast capabilities, including a 20" X 24" Automated Hunter Molding Line, 9 Jolt-Squeezer Lines, 6 Cope & Drag Lines, Air Set Molding, and Loose Patterns.

Core Making Capabilities

We have In-house core making at all of our facilities.  Reliable serves client needs with Shalco U-180 and U-360 shell core machines, Harrison Core Blowers, 200 & 400 Dependable Core Machines, and Palmer Core Sand Reclamation, along with Air Set and Oil Sand Core-making capabilities.

            (core room at the Sidney high capacity foundry)

Air Set Operation in Cincinnati

Airset core making is a chemically bonded process of building sand cores without heat treatment that can reduce cost, and is excellent for low volume runs, larger cores, and prototype development.  The decision to utilize airset often comes down to quantity of the run and cast detail desired.

Airset operation at Cincinnati Plant

           (airset facilities located at the Cincinnati Location)



Pouring conducted on Hunter turntable machine at Sidney Operations


Big Bull Pour - Cincinnati Plant

Manifold Manufacturing

Trucks and Heavy Equipment