Design Resources

Alloy Conversion Chart

Casting Design Principles

Rule #1 Avoid Casting Strain

Rule #2 Fillet All Sharp Angles

Rule #3 Bring the Minimum Number of Sections Together

Rule #4 Avoid Sharp Angles and Abrupt Section

Rule #5 Design All Sections as Nearly Uniform in Thickness as Possible

Rule #6 Design for Casting Soundness to Offset Shrinkage

Rule #7 Proportion Dimensions of Inner Walls Correctly

Rule #8 Bosses, Lugs and Pads Shouldn’t Be Used Unless Absolute Necessity

Rule #9 Design Ribs and Brackets for Maximum Effectiveness

Rule #10 Allow for Shrinkage and Machine Finish in Dimensional Tolerances


Greensand Mold Operation

Permanent Mold Operation

High Volume ACO

Reliable Tooling Capability

Process Design Engineering

Process Walkthrough