Quality Support

Part Specific Quality Plans

Quality is stressed at every step of the way in our production process. Each part has a specific quality plan that is established during product development. Product realization incorporates specific inspection and testing requirements, ensuring the casting meets customer specifications as well as Reliable Castings internal requirements.

Our comprehensive quality capabilities include:

- Radiography (X-Ray)
Real Time
Conventional Film

- Liquid Penetrant Inspection Systems
Fluorescent dye
Visible dye

- Dimensional Layout
DDC Coordinate Measuring Machines

- Spectrographic Chemical Analysis

- Mechanical Testing
Separately Cast Test Bars
Test Bars machined from castings

- Hydrogen Melt Analysis

- Melt Cleanliness

- Metallography

- Brinell hardness testing

- Borescope inspection for hard-to-reach cavities

Placeholder Picture

One of several Coordinate Measurement Machines used to verify that part dimensions are true to spec.